Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cafe M

A great place for lunch. Brit and I stopped at Cafe M back in July. We had happened on a little shopping area in the western edge of Berkeley and found the restaurant down one of the side streets. I had a Reuben sandwhich with a bowl of Split Pea and Ham soup (happened to be the soup of the day) and a beer. The soup was very good and comforting, and the Reuben was good too. I often go for Reubens when I can't decide on something because it is very hard for a place to get it wrong.

We returned there this past week and I ordered a Prime Rib Sandwich with grilled onions and Dijon mustard. HOLY WOW! It knocked my socks off! Lainey had a Crab Cake Sandwich that was good if that is your thing with a cup of Tomato Soup, and Paula had a Salmon Salad.

If you decide to go here, DEFINITELY go for the Prime Rib Sandwich. You will not be sorry.


Homygoodness I LOVE food!!

For the last two weeks, Brittney's mom and sister have been have been staying with us. While they have been here we have been taking them to all of our favorite restaurants. Holy wow we have eaten some great food! One of the problems that I have been having is that when I visit these places that I love, I end up forgetting what I have already tried from the menu. I want to start this blog as a way for me to keep track of the dishes I have tried so I don't duplicate, for better or worse (because I have a reeeeeeally bad memory). Also it will be a place where other people can come to get recommendations for awesome food.