Thursday, January 1, 2009

Old Port Lobster Shack - Redwood City

Here's a goodie that's a bit of a drive for those of us who live in the East Bay, but it's definitely worth the drive if you're as much of a fan of lobster rolls and steamers as my family. We heard of this place on KQED's Check, Please! Bay Area.

It's pretty much the only place outside of New England where you can find this great food and atmosphere. I'll admit that the location in Redwood City looks unimpressive from the outside, so close your eyes and step inside. My wife is a native New Englander and it gets her seal of approval.

Expect to pay a bit more than your average diner, but where on the west coast can you get a mouth-watering lobster roll on those delicious new england-style buns? Lobster Shack, of course.


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  1. Nice one, I'll have to check that out for lunch one day.